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Reasons To Use The Dynace
Windows Development System

1. Drastically reduce the learning curve associated with learning to write for Windows -- be able to write real Windows applications in a few days instead of the normal 6 months to a year learning curve.

2. Be able to write Windows apps fast using only a few lines of code -- do "Hello World" in 4 lines, menus and dialog in a few lines -- write completely functional dialogs in a handful of lines instead of the hundreds it normally takes.

3. Drastically reduce the time necessary to debug, maintain and enhance the app since it's so few lines of code.

4. Write apps which are portable to 16 and 32 bit environments including Windows 3.1 (Win16), Win32s, NT (Win32) and Windows 95.

5. Be much less dependent on a few "expert" programmers since the code is much easier to follow and learn.

6. No need to learn a new language since WDS apps are normal C code.

7. Don't be the victim of a vendor since WDS comes with full source code.

8. Be able to take advantage of the very advanced object oriented capabilities of the Dynace Object Oriented Extension to C, which WDS is built on top of.

9. Your apps will run very fast since they are compiled into optimized machine code by your compiler.

10. Integrates well with existing compiler vendor's IDEs. No need to learn a new set of tools.

11. It's easier to port non-Windows apps to Windows with WDS since WDS encapsulates much of the message-driven architecture associated with Windows programming.

12. WDS applications are royalty free (with the appropriate license).

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